AFO Special Opportunities is a private investment firm. Its Principal invests $1 million to $5 million in structured debt and/or equity to finance working capital, growth capital, acquisitions, business pivots, equipment, refinancing existing debt, and other special situations. Our capital solutions can come in the form of a senior term loan, second lien term loan, unitranche loan, structured equity (e.g. preferred equity, convertible equity, common equity and warrants), or a combination of these securities depending on the financial need.

Why AFO Special Opportunities?

Paramount Experience

AFO’s Principal brings significant investment experience having lead and managed over 200 transactions with total transaction value in excess of $10 billion.


Unlike other capital providers who have investment committees burdened by layers of red tape, AFO’s decision-making culture delivers quick, real-time decisive feedback.

Flexible Underwriting

AFO crafts tailored solutions bringing both art and science to capital structure. It has the ability to blend the best attributes of all tranches throughout the capital stack.

Custom financing solutions as unique as your business

Investment Criteria

Loan Size

$1 million – $5 million


Agnostic (excluding early-stage, energy, real estate)


6 months – 36 months


Privately-held, Sponsor-backed, Publicly-held


Flexible structures around cash flow and liquidity


US-based businesses

Transactions We Finance

Growth Capital

Working Capital


Special Situations

Investment Securities

Senior Term Loan

2nd Lien Term Loan


Structured Equity